Pilots Promotions

Posted by Enrique Asencio on 03/18/2018

Fly Eastern Virtual Pilot

Derek Jager promoved to Capt and a Chief Pilot of KMCO 

Welcome aboard !

Capt Scott Clawson!

Capt James Moody!

Capt James Phjelps!

Capt Mike Vasilakis!

HUB Chief Pilots

Posted by Enrique Asencio on 03/06/2018

Congratulations! New Hub Chief Pilots!

TJSJ (SJU) Chief Pilot : Capt Carlos Velez

KDFW (DFW) Chief Pilot: Capt. Luis Melendez

KMCO (MCO) Chieft Pilot: Capt. Derek Jager


Flight Briefing Package

Posted by Enrique Asencio on 01/23/2018

Our dispatch system has simBrieft integrated as standard, giving pilots a full brief and official flight plan using real world routes.



Welcome to phpVMS!

Posted by phpVMS Installer on 11/01/2016


Thanks for installing and using phpVMS!
Check out the docs for help and information on getting started on your VA.

This is just a starter skin - customize yours completely. This is just a basic, barebones example of what a skin is and how it works. Check out the crystal folder in the lib/skins directory. Make your own copy and fiddle around. For help, check out the forum, and skinning docs. Also, be sure to check out the skinning tutorials for a quick primer. The forums are also filled with plenty of helpful people for any questions you may have.

Good luck!

Join Us

Posted by Enrique Asencio on 12/25/2014

Welcome Pilots!


Welcome Aboard




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